The Dork-O-Motive Podcast

2.5: Rip Tide: The Incredible and Dark History of The World‘s Water Speed Record

December 15, 2021

The world's water speed record has been held by only 9 people since 1928. It has an 85% death rate in attempts and the current record has stood since 1978 with each successive attempt to unseat it resulting in the death of the driver.    This long form look back at the history of the water speed record is a blow by blow account of an activity that has captivated and killed many people over the years. The people and machines who have shot across bodies of water from Argentina to Italy to Australia are each unique in their own way but their vision was the same. To defy the laws of physics and end up on the right side of the game.    To our knowledge this is the most in-depth look back at the history of the record using research materials, newspapers, period audio, and personal interviews with the subjects at hand.    An amazing tale that once dominated the headlines of the 20th century and has now all but dropped off into obscurity. 

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