The Dork-O-Motive Podcast

1.3: The Awesome, Defiant, and Mysterious Life Of NASCAR Great Mario Rossi

March 9, 2020

Mario Rossi was one of the smartest, most innovative, and hard scrabble crew chiefs in NASCAR history. His brilliant thinking and approach to racing is still applied in today's modern NASCAR world. Rossi nearly pulled off the greatest NASCAR upset of all time at the 1971 Daytona 500 with driver Dick Brooks. Relive that amazing moment with period audio in this podcast. Sadly, Rossi's story does not have a happy ending. He disappeared under cloudy circumstances in 1983. What happened? You decide. 

Host Brian Lohnes takes you through Rossi's incredible career, his amazing near success at Daytona 1971 and his shocking and mysterious disappearance in the early 1980s. Unquestioned on the race track, his story ends with thousands of questions.